President’s Day

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I appreciate the pomp and circumstance that goes into President’s Day.  The sales at mattress stores, furniture stores, car dealers, and the mall in general.  What better way to show your patriotism and affection for Presidents by spending money.  If you’re like my wife and I, you bought on credit and continued the vicious cycle of keeping yourself barely impoverished (at least we’ll have fine mocha, microfiber couches to be poor on.)

America is wrought with revisionist history.  We turn curmudgeons into demagogues, slave owners into saviors, and silver spooned, trust fund babies into the stuff Horatio Alger books are based.  I don’t mind twisting reality to get to a place where we can all feel comfortable, but to completely ignore the histories of our Presidents is down right blasphemy.  That is what is wrong with President’s Day; we celebrate the lives of fictional characters.  Come to think of it, we embody Uncle Sam, perpetuate the Santa myth to our children, embrace a giant Bunny, believe in flying fat kids with bows and arrows, accept ghouls and goblins into our homes, and the two real people/groups we accept are both known for being disease spreading, land and women raping figures known as the Pilgrims and Columbus.  I digress…

America is not a great country; we are a country filled with great potential.  We get in our own way, we listen to the rhetoric and opinion of others and like little minions we spread their word; changing the verbiage along the way, we staunchly defend our, I mean, the opinions of others that we so greatly admire and appreciate.  When we cite the Constitution and have sent men and women off to die in the pursuit of preserving our right to freedom of speech, we sadly go off into this world regurgitating the words of others.  This is what freedom of speech means?

The ACLU has no problem getting to the root of what our Constitution states.  They strip law naked; bare and exposed the truth of the Constitution is broken down into the simplistic form that it was written.  When our country is filled with adults that are so poorly educated that they cannot understand the rudimentary principles of the Constitution, they know its tenets but they do not understand for whom it was written.  The masses; from the elitist to the disenfranchised, the on the cusp of wealth to on the fringe of poverty, the Constitution was written for us all.

When we celebrate President’s Day, let us acknowledge the follies and foibles of our leaders.  If we do not learn from their mistakes, thus negating the overwhelming power of knowing and understanding history, we merely repeat our decision to elect leaders that only stand for those things that wholly effect them.  Taking the oath to uphold the very fibers of democracy we have so very intricately rewoven with loopholes, status-quo edicts, and revisions of law, we are now dangerously close to the precipice of collapse.  No, America will not crumble and become a pathway for Europeans that will walk amongst our ruins.  Instead, America is a living, breathing entity that will purge itself from time to time.  We cannot call ourselves great until the lot of Americans can feel great once again.

Perhaps trite and romantic, I would rather idealize America’s potential than to become another revisionist that paves the way for future leaders to assume greatness simply because they earned a particular title.  Accountable is precisely what all civil servants in government should remain.  They pass down NCLB and expect teachers to literally reach perfection.  Where is the law that says an official may only hold an office for so long until their time has run out and they must make way for another.  I am not talking about term limits.  I am talking about critical analysis that proves once and for all whether the very individuals that tell us one thing and do another are worthy of their titles.  I’m not saying I’m for a revolution that requires bullets and death; I am for the kind of revolution that is cerebral and honest.  Honesty, at one point time, truly was the best policy.  Happy President’s Day.

-Chris Smith


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