Every Philadelphian’s Cuz

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Three o’clock in the afternoon, Monday through Friday always felt like I was belly up at a bar, enjoying a beer with buddies and talking sports.  In a strange twist of events, I no longer have that experience and the truth is, I miss my Cuz’.anthony-gargano

Philadelphia sports fans that have ever turned their radios to 610 WIP or 94.1 WIP know the name, Anthony Gargano.  Using the moniker “Cuz” made Anthony one of the most approachable radio personalities in the Delaware Valley.  The listeners that would call into the afternoon show would greet Anthony with a, “Yo, Ant’,” or “Yoooo, Ant’ny,” or the classic, “Yo, Cuz!”

Anthony Gargano is an all-around good dude.  This is a guy that made my daughter, my little Angel feel like a real angel when he pointed her out during a live broadcast at Primo Hoagies, “Is that your daughter?  She’s beautiful; she’s a little angel.”  My daughter still mentions that a year later.

Back in the day, I would leave Holy Family University between classes and hang out at the McDonald’s on Street Road in Bensalem.  Sometimes, if I was really lucky, I’d catch Anthony outside and join him for a quick smoke.  He talks Philadelphia sports not only because it was his job to talk about the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and 76’ers, he talks about them because regardless if there is a mic in front of his mouth, the guy embodies Philadelphia sports.

He is the Cuz’ because he speaks about Philadelphia sports the same way my family speaks about our teams.  I may have never broken bread at the Gargano household but it sure feels like I did.

Wherever or whatever Gargano does next, I look to what he did everyday as a sports radio host and the reason, the penultimate explanation of why Gargano holds such an affinity in the lives of so many Philadelphians is that he appreciated his opportunity to talk about something for which he held an inexplicable amount of passion.

On behalf of those like myself, the dream chasers that are inspired by the passion of others, thank you Cuz’.  Though you’ve been lauded many times before, know that from the ranks of the everyday Joe, we thank you for your passion and for remaining a proud face and champion for Philadelphia and its sports.

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